Are you one among those who date online? Well Online dating South Africa is daunting. South African people find dating to be fun, and friendly. With the widespread use of internet, people prefer to date online. Online dating is growing rapidly. There are more chances of finding your love or lust online as there is more number of options available to you. Even if you are looking for meaningful relationship or a casual love, dating online gives you options for everything. The online sites are flooded with different kinds of people. It is therefore easier for you to find people who are like minded and with the same waves like you. You can find people from different parts of the country and also the globe which gives you the option to choose among them. Whether you are a tall, short, thin or stout, you will definitely find a person of your choice and with the same thought pattern as you.

Online dating sites give you the freedom to flirt, enjoy and have a lot of fun. With online dating sites it has become easier to find love in South Africa.  Gone are the days when you would have to go to bars and clubs to find a person for dating. Online dating sites have created a far convenient environment for finding your date. It is very easy to find a right, perfect and suitable partner for yourself. The fact is you can do this from the comfort of your home. You need not go anywhere to find the right partner. The best part is that you can achieve all this free of cost. The online dating sites do not charge you a single penny. There are no subscription charges as well. Isn’t this amazing?

There are several online dating sites. Some of these online dating sites are only for South Africans. This gives you the option to choose anyone from the site. Online dating sites are of high quality and give the user a good dating experience. The main goal is to help South Africans find a suitable match or love.

Online sites have thousands of South Africans registered. They come from different backgrounds, professions and different walks of life. These people have registered in online dating sites in order to find a suitable love in South Africa. Many of them are actively looking for a suitable person.  The registration form requires details such as the marital status, number of kids, profession and so on. If you are looking for a single then you can filter your search to retrieve the details that you prefer. This will help you in getting the person quickly as the search results will be as per your requirements.

Online dating sites have tons of new connections and new members joining in. If you have been looking forward to date then you should join these online dating South Africa as soon as possible.  Join the site now and enjoy the date!


FlirtSpace is one of the biggest dating sites. It is well known as the dating factory. We are having a good experience in designing online dating sites and we use WEB2 methodology to incorporate the same.  These online dating sites are safe, enjoyable and very easy to use for a new comer as well. The main aim is to keep the end users happy. The advanced technology that we use helps us in giving access instantly. The communication tools that are used are also of great help when it comes to providing access to millions of users. The websites come with extensive search criteria which helps us in looking for what you want. The websites are constantly being renewed with respect to new features which we expect the users to appreciate and provide their valuable comments on. We expect you to grow your dating network with the help of Flirtspace and also feel comfortable in using the site. The website comes with a twenty four hours support that can help the new comers with their queries. The search that comes with the site gives you the freedom to perform an extensive search.

Online dating sites like Flirtspace are a part of Caerus AG. This is regulated by Swiss Federal Act which gives emphasis on data protection. The act is basically to protect confidential details such as personal data and the fundamental rights of an individual. As far as online dating sites are concerned, this data protection act can be more related to confining personal information.

The personal details of individuals signed up are stored in servers which are usually located in different parts of various countries. This information is highly confidential and we ensure that it is not disclosed to anybody. Your personal details such as your phone number will be used to provide the services that you have opted for in the Flirtspace’s terms and conditions. These are selected by you and we do not do any malpractices. Details such as your credit card information are passed via a secure connection to the payment provider. The secure connection is highly safe and your card gets authorized only when you choose the option to make payment. The communication path is private and safe.

There are several ways by which our site verifies the authenticity of the members. Some of these include automated moderation, email address verification, manual moderation and many others. Our site does not allow third party advertisements especially in certain designated areas of the website. Flirtspace allows you to keep in touch with your friends and dearest ones. The browse page helps you to see the latest updates posted by your friends. There is a visitor’s area which displays the members who have taken interest in you. When you add members to your friends list, they tend to receive a notification or a friend request.

Flirtspace allows you to block a profile and also chat. You have the option to talk to them through your microphone, or use a webcam. Unlike other online dating websites, Flirtspace comes with several features which help you to interact with the third party.

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Do you wish to avail the best services from the online dating websites? Well, there are some of the most popular websites for online dating South Africa. Here, you can find the partner of your dreams with a few clicks. In fact, if you are really tired of your same old life and wish to add spice to it then make sure that you have opted for the dating websites where from you can jolly well enjoy a great time with your virtual mate. In fact, your love life reaches a new dimension with these popular websites.

Now, the best part of these dating websites is simply their hassle free and proper operation. In fact, all that you have to do here is simply enter your name and certain other personal details to get yourself registered out here. In fact, you simply have to log on to the website and enter the details in order to get going. You might also add your recent photographs in order to add to the benefits. As soon as you do so, you jolly well get to meet partners from your chosen location in a jiffy.

In fact, you will find men and women from any and every location in these online websites. So, all that you have to do is search for a location along with a few other specifications in order to finally end up choosing the partner of your dreams. Well, the job is absolutely easy as here you will only have to enter a few details in order to filter your search and finally end up choosing the partner of your dreams. You will also have to make sure that the partner you have chosen is absolutely perfect, thereby meeting your requirements in a jiffy.

Now, handling the chat boxes is also easy. Most of these websites come with an easy to use interface and so you simply have to enter the details of your chat message in order to chat with the partner of your dreams. Thus, chatting and enjoying a heart to heart conversation with your partner is extremely easy with these websites. Moreover, as you are offered a wide gamut of options choosing and availing the best services from your partners is extremely easy. You need to be adept about choosing the partners in order to enjoy the best friendship with them.

Another intriguing part of these dating sites is the fact that they come for free. You do not have to pay tones of registration fees in order to register yourself to these dating sites. Moreover, being extremely user friendly; browsing along and finally choosing your favorite partners with these sites is extremely easy. So, if you really want to enjoy the best from your partners then make sure you have chosen the best experts who make dating absolutely enjoyable for you. Refine your options and explore your choices in order to end up choosing the best partner of your dreams.


Online dating sites have opened wide gates to know about the opposite sex. Online dating sites can help you find a better match and offer good choices, only if you are cautious. The first thing you need to know is that the site should not violate the rules and regulations of the country you reside. Most of the sites have servers located in a different country. For instance, an online dating site South Africa should follow the rules and regulations of the country. Dating in the real world is an affair that charges time from you. Dating sites are becoming popular for the very reason. Women have their own concerns when visiting any of these sites. The insecurities of dating online make them go to the reputed sites. This is why one can see women favoring the paid sites over the free sites.

When you want to find the perfect man for you in the online dating South Africa sites, then you need to understand a certain things. You don’t have to be skeptical in your approach, but you should be cautious and should be able to know the reality. Do not take the online relationships as a long term commitment, even though you can find a man who promises to be sincere. You need to meet your man in person, to ensure that the bond would go stronger. Do not take the man, who claims to be in love with you in a couple of weeks or days. You cannot take it to the heart more than a few grains of the salt. Virtual love cannot be a serious commitment, until the people involved take it to the next level. When you see a man confessing love in a very short duration, you need to understand that there is little understanding.

When a woman goes for online dating South Africa sites, she would be nurturing lots of hopes of finding a perfect partner. But, you should not avoid being cautious. The virtual world throws multiple options and saves time. You should however, understand that only with spending much time and knowing about likes and the dislikes, the real love grows. You can narrow down your search for the partner in the dating sites, but you cannot expect real love to happen in a few weeks. There are certain limitations when it comes to the virtual world of relationships. You cannot afford to be emotionally exposed in the online dating sites.

When choosing a site for online dating, you should know if it is a perfect place to disclose your private details.  You cannot stay away from providing a few details for your profile information. Ensure that the details provided do not become a threat to your privacy. Read the privacy policy of the site and reviews of the existing users. Do not expect even the paid sites to come up with the matches that are too good. The most esteemed site can be a mixed bag too.


An online dating site is an Internet portal, focused on the predominantly singles life – or  those who are looking for sexual partner. The term online dating is common for such portals when searching for a fling – leisure – hobbies partner. Entries in these exchanges are a modern variant of dating. In the online dating industry, a distinction is made on the orientation with respect to age, the intention of the user and the search possibilities. In contrast to the partner, exchanges in the loose contact and flirting stands in the foreground at online dating services. The search is usually based on criteria such as age, location and other parameters  that are freely selected, and, the average age is considerably younger than partner exchanges. In dating sites, the search is not free, but contacts are usually proposed on the basis of a psychological test and internal algorithms. Partner exchanges are also priced at a higher level.

In the online dating market, there is a variety of vendors. Distinguishment can be large international providers, national providers and regional and specialized providers. Information on membership figures are not very meaningful: A global provider has larger total numbers than a national provider. In 2003, an Emnid study revealed that online dating services are now considered the third most important opportunity for Dating – behind the workplace and friends. The German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) found in 2006 that a total of 6.8 million Germans have attended a single exchange on the Internet. In 2011, the industry generated sales of EUR 202.8 million (including Adult dating services). UK (211 million euros) is the second largest European market, which has a total estimated at 811 million euros.

Social scientists at the University of Bamberg in 2008 determined in a representative survey based on 1800 telephone interviews and profiles: seekers were mostly top 30 and two thirds of them were male. Their educational level showed significant differences between men and women: men had more than average education; at least a lower secondary school level education; while women were over-represented with High School. The researchers conducted the composition of partner-seekers to the difficulties of these two groups in the real mate choice based outside of the Internet, as women and men have different needs when choosing their partners in online dating sites.

Highly educated women therefore look for a partner with similar education, while highly educated men do not always choose their partners according to this criterion. So there is a direct correlation between the increased level of education among women. The decline in online dating market value for low educated men and the results of the representative survey, have found these two groups in dating services. Most online dating services are based on databases, where singles are registered as a partner searching. In addition to the usual information such as gender, age, height, weight often more information is added which should give the seeker a clearer view. Usually, a photo can be set. Overall, it can be a great option.